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A Bit About the Training

The Licensed Lay Ministry (Reader) training has been designed on an apprenticeship model. You will be studying theory and putting it into practice, both as part of the sessions you will find online, and in your practice placement area (ie your home church).  This means you will be working closely with your incumbent (or the equivalent in a Vacancy) and your leadership team. During the first year of the course you will also be required to work with a Vocations Adviser (VA). Information on how to find a VA is provided in the information pack which you can download here.

Entry Requirements/Qualifications

  • Regular attendance at your church for at least 6 months is essential and you will need to be batpised and confirmed.

  • You will also need the written support of your incumbent (or equivalent in a vacancy) and, for the final year, the written support of your PCC and Vocations Advisor.

  • To qualify for the 3 year course there is no formal educational requirement but you will need the ability to think and reflect critically and theologically.

  • To qualify for the the 2 year course you will need have passed A levels (or the equivalent professional qualification) or higher.

  • To qualify for the the 1 year course you will need to have a Univeristy Certificate in Theology or higher.

Mode of Delivery

Each module consists of 7 sessions that you complete at home and 3 Saturday morning study day sessions on Zoom or in person (one at the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end).  For all the sessions you will either need a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a decent internet connection. You will not be required to submit any written work unless you choose to. There are is a practical assignment for each module which must be presented and videoed. You will also be assessed on your contributions to the discussion Forum for each module (details of the Forum are availabe in the Information Pack).

The Qualification

There is no professional or academic qualification on completion of the course, but you will be licensed by the Bishop as an LLM(Reader) in your parish/benefice.


All modules for years 1 and 2 cost a flat fee of £25 each, payable prior to commencement of each one. The final year modules are free of charge.

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